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From now on, | meets the future made in China

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From now on, | meets the future made in China

March 28, the 20th SIMM shenzhen machinery exhibition grand opening! Thousands of manufacturers gathered in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, thousands of exhibitors put on a show, each booth was full of popularity, the audience to call!
30+ conference activities
Artificial intelligence, 5G, industrial Internet, human-machine collaboration, lightweight manufacturing, big data... N keywords closely related to "intelligent manufacturing" were fully interpreted in SIMM2019 site. As the core driving force of production, "intelligent manufacturing" is leading the transformation of traditional manufacturing from "ironmaking" to "intelligent" production. On the first day of SIMM2019's "broken leg", the feast of brainstorm and visual enjoyment has begun. Quickly follow the lens, explore the charm of sophisticated intelligence!
Metal processing industry chain: precise coverage of advanced technology
Strong machine tool industry leads to strong industry -- shenzhen international machine tool exhibition, a subsidiary of SIMM, focuses on the transformation and upgrading needs of equipment manufacturing industry, takes machine tool as the core, and runs through the whole metal processing industry chain. From metal cutting machine tools to metal forming machine tools, from processing centers to flexible production lines, from sheet metal and stamping automation to industrial measurement, laser precision processing and application, and even tools, tools, tens of millions of technical achievements are performing a wonderful wrestling.
Debut SIMM's new face Rollomatic mansion
Bring a SA 6 axis precision tool grinding GrindSmart ® 630 xw, make high added value for the end user high performance of non-standard cutting tools.
In order to satisfy the different processing requirements of Bending from small batch to large batch, Shanghai Bending automation's versatile Bending Cell
Smart debuted in shenzhen. The ideal integration scheme is realized by modular design. The maximum bending length of the whole system is 3 meters, the maximum load of the manipulator is 130 kg, and it can provide large capacity material warehouse components.
For the complex processing of molds, machine parts, etc., Nicholas upgraded DIANA-20MG machine. A new generation of models equipped with UDG universal milling head differential degree, and 0.001 ° rotary table, which can realize arbitrary Angle range for processing. A clamping can complete all the processing needs, greatly improving the production efficiency.
LT FIBER, our old friend BLM BLM's "all-in-one" laser tube processing equipment, is even more attractive at the SIMM site. The device is suitable for machining with diameters between 12 and 610
Mm (0.5" to 24 "), from tube to open profile -- "all-purpose" laser tube processing, 2D or 3D cutting is optional.
For the high-end requirements of ultra-precision and micro-machining, makino superfine machining center iQ300 is widely recognized and praised by customers in the field of vehicle and vehicle light molds and mobile phone optical parts molds. Machine tools can be in accordance with the numerical control program instructions, to achieve sub-micron level machining accuracy. In addition, the mirror processing solution can be provided, such as the mirror processing of automobile light guide strips. Makino's latest tool grinder SG10 is exhibited for the first time in the mainland.
Chinese and foreign big name gathers, lift factory intelligence to change tide
Taking mobile phone (3C), electronics, automobile and parts manufacturing industries as the main line, RSE shenzhen international robot and factory intelligent show field, from more than 20 countries and regions around the world hundreds of industrial automation, robot industry leading brands "each show his talent".
Fanuc, ABB, yaskawa, mitsubishi, bei Calais, happy times, keyence, kawasaki, nachi, male g, proud, epson, damien, li qun, ward, Europe, China too, exhibition, no stone, Bosch rexroth, bei Calais, keyence, frictional force, modern, degenerated, cat, ward, match day, TV, nc, in guangzhou, gas can, SKF, NSK, THK, IKO, hammer naco, sichuan, silver, Yintai, Texaco, dragon mountain, deep wisdom, dolly, xin fu varied automation, such as robot industry well-known brands and integrators, led by creating the most appropriate manufacturing factory production lines from in south China Dynamic, intelligent upgrade needs of one-stop solution exchange platform.
Faced with the huge demand of 3C industry in south China, 7 sets of dual-arm cooperative robot duAro carton production line of kawasaki robot was displayed. Kawasaki two models of a total of 7 duAro dual-arm robots as the main body of the production line, the realization of carton folding, packing, folding cover, logistics and transshipment packing, packing, stacking and other operations technology, widely used for electronic product packaging industry. The field force sensing integrated application unit, 3D vision automatic stack removal unit and other sets of applications are leading the trend.
Hundreds of machine plus enterprises: together with the world's leading edge processing strength.
As a leader in precision manufacturing in China, south China has gathered a number of enterprises with strong competitiveness in production scale, quality control, after-sales service response, synchronous product development, global supply and other aspects.
In SIMM2019 industrial parts exhibition galleries, precision machining parts for science and technology, fine precision, byd, ty nison, benefit, Jin Jiali, jade love well precision, jin yuan, hong via, zhongtai the jingchuang, hair chi seiko, kaida feng, three-dimensional, great day nearly hundred enterprises compete precision machining parts, such as display precision machining parts manufacturing technology in the application of advanced manufacturing.
In line with the whole industry chain matrix ecology of "metal materials + precision machining parts + surface treatment", the industrial parts exhibition also covers the themes of molds and accessories, fasteners, metal materials, industrial-grade 3D printing and other industrial parts. The complete upstream and downstream industry chain in the precision machining field is perfectly presented in the SIMM site.
Jiaye precision brings its precision parts of uav, optics, aviation, medical, automobile, communication, semiconductor and other industries, presenting its cutting-edge precision processing and manufacturing technology.
The 2019SIMM industrial parts exhibition combined with FNA to create FBC Japan metal processing parts exhibition area in shenzhen. There are nearly 30 enterprises related to the mechanical processing industry chain.
Chuangjinghui, a manufacturer of top competitive automotive core components solutions, is showcasing automotive light molds, auto parts and non-metallic gear transmission systems on site.
OPM China brings 3D printed metal injection mold kernel products to the audience -- 3D printing technology is used to add 3D shaped waterways into the mold kernel, which can achieve the effect of optimizing mold cooling, shortening product production cycle and preventing product deformation.
The last smart show in shenzhen convention and exhibition center was staged! This is an unprecedented feast of 100,000 excellent manufacturers and tens of millions of world's top technologies.


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