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China's auto industry leaders summit 2018 was successfully held, bringing glory to the land of abundance

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China's auto industry leaders summit 2018 was successfully held, bringing glory to the land of abundance

On December 14, 2018, directed by the ministry of industry and information technology, by the China machinery industry federation, China council for the promotion of international trade, special support China electronic commerce association, the China electronic commerce association in the auto industry branch, national auto parts products quality supervision and inspection center, the China association of automobile manufacturers market supplies after chapter, auto parts, machinery industry product quality supervision and inspection center, China automobile industry accessories sales co., LTD., the national federation of industry and auto dealers of auto after market association and sichuan basin, jointly organized by big hong group co., LTD., National auto parts fair, Harbin hongboda auto parts co., LTD., strategic cooperation between China automobile federation and south sichuan auto expo city. The southwest international auto city cup 2018 China auto service industry leaders summit hosted by China auto technology research institute was successfully held in guanghan, the birthplace of reform. More than 1,000 auto service elites from more than 100 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, heilongjiang, jiangsu, hebei, shandong, hunan, xinjiang, zhejiang, guangdong, fujian and other cities in sichuan attended the summit to discuss the development of China's auto service industry. The meeting was co-hosted by zhao kai and li xinyi, well-known hosts of guanghan TV station。
The event began with a grand entrance ceremony for China's auto industry leaders. Former vice chairman of the all-china federation of industry, honorary President of fasc Wang Yiming, fasc President, China automobile industry accessories sales co., LTD., chairman of Wang Duyang, China's senior experts, senior adviser to fasc kwang-tzuu Chen, chamber of commerce director Su Hui tangible market of Chinese automobile circulation association, sichuan basin, big jeou-jong hong real estate group chairman and chief executive officer, Vice President of the China electronic commerce association tan qiao, hongquan li, director of the national auto parts products quality supervision and inspection center, changchun standard dean xiao-hui qin and chi fu, chairman and CEO Zhang Houqi, car industrial development co., LTD., chairman of guangdong car cabin hai-tao jiang, Shanghai sea YanWei solid international trade co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors li-hua pan, Washington, da-jun zhou hua sheng group chairman and founder RGL Yang Guilin, director of the center for global auto parts products certification testing, will be coated group big auto quick repair chain chairman JuCuiGong, chairman of the international auto city southwest the living longmen Xu Zhenpiao international chairman, Beijing and Seoul city suburb Auto parts co., LTD., chairman of the Huang Meijian, anhui Kerr auto parts co., LTD., chairman of Shang Aiping, hubei daming automobile trade co., LTD., chairman of taming wang, spring rain Chen Geng, Shanghai automotive group President in anhui zhongtian holding group chairman xu letter Lu Dayong, fasc Yao Jun, director of the expert advisory committee, lake automobile co., LTD., chairman of sichuan Kang Hongbo HBCMS da auto parts co., LTD., Harbin Zhao Xingzhi, sichuan branch, chairman of the oil products co., LTD., chairman of kimuro, hubei company group co., LTD. The chairman PangJianChun, RGL I start group President Chen Weixiu, henan anyang city xingda auto parts of the north Chairman Feng Changyou, aerospace real estate co., LTD., chairman of the hubei Li Jialiang wealth, fuyang century real estate co., LTD., chairman of kuang-hua Chen, RGL huizhong automobile parts co., LTD., CEO of dinghai, Lin RGL (30 industry such as the automotive technology dean Qiao Yongfeng higher-ups in turn on the red carpet, access to China's auto service industry leader summit venue.
Zhang houqi, chairman and CEO of CRRC, delivered a keynote speech on "building an industrial chain cloud platform and reshaping a new post-market ecology of automobiles" at the conference. Dr. Zhang led us to review the development process of the automobile post-market: the era of offline multi-level distribution, the era of "capital +" chain and alliance, and the era of "Internet +" platform. Listed in the next ten years, accessories will face unprecedented challenges, the Internet giant entrance, the industry began to accelerate development, 400,000 auto repair shops to 200,000 quality maintenance shops integrated development, 300,000 auto parts dealers to 100,000 quality auto parts suppliers. Zhang pointed out that in the racing car at the business model of panorama cloud platform is to build a car industry chain, to build online trading and management integration of cloud platform, the industry to create a first-class accessories database, supply chain finance solutions to micro, small and medium enterprises financing problem and realizing the waybill online, from trade to realize the closed-loop logistics delivery system, the chi car f is willing to provide car after market platform solutions, power partners, embrace the Internet, and win-win future.
Pan lihua, chairman of Shanghai haiyan weigu international trade co., ltd. made a keynote speech on "development path of offline stores" at the conference. Pan always believes that the current situation of retail stores is overcapacity and overall unprofitable: the number of traditional projects is decreasing, the growth of new projects is slow, the project revenue is declining year by year, and the rent is rising. Products, channels, services are "too miscellaneous", there are poor standardization, information asymmetry, many business points, weak brand, industry characteristics mixed. After the market this big cake this big fish pond, still has a long way to go on the intensive management road. Pan points out that the industry is developing towards the trend of simplicity, intelligence and standardization. Only integration can promote brand chain operation faster. Integration and improvement of profitability can reduce management expenses, reduce operating expenses, reduce product costs, increase turnover and enhance brand influence. Pan believes that the rapid integration of resources, more than half of the stores will be eliminated, the entire industry will be toward standardization, specialization, diversification, scale, branding direction. Pan always said that this is a difficult period, but also a period of endeavor, but also a new era! From the surface, as if the market is shuffling, but in fact behind the wash people. All lazy, mentality not end, fixed, do not want to change, do not want to accept new things, do not learn not long, are doomed to be eliminated by The Times; The future belongs to the dedicated, and understand the trend, but also keep pace with The Times, is willing to cooperate, willing to pay, can constantly improve their own, continuous innovation, have the responsibility to have the responsibility, the body and mind of the unity of the people!
Zhou dajun, founder of huasheng group and chairman of huasheng group, made a special topic sharing on "development and outlet of auto repair and auto parts in the Internet era" at the meeting. Huasheng group, founded in 1998, has always been focusing on the automotive maintenance field, is China's leading repair integration of auto repair overall solution provider, with three major chains: huasheng luxury car repair chain, appropriate repair intermediate car repair chain and extremely qualified parts chain. Jay thinks before and after the car market after the long, strong relationship degree is high, professional, standard, low information, data, supply chain service ability and the underlying data is the key to the automobile parts industry chain through real and core ability, only a long period, large investment with information on the Internet, automobile parts industry chain to get through. The auto parts industry is the most complex forms, scene, chain, more interactive, and involved in multiple interests, electricity, Internet or loose O2O only very hard, only from the people / / the goods/guest to grid industry chain precision cutting and running, and reconstruction process, reshape the value, optimize the resources and the interests of the matching and redistribution, the real solution industry experience, efficiency, value and interests, can realize auto parts industry ecological symbiosis and win-win situation, to build industry new business civilization. Zhou always pointed out that the industrial Internet is the real ultimate way out of auto repair and auto parts, huasheng has always been "let the world no difficult to open the garage, let the customer vehicle maintenance service choice is no longer difficult" mission driven, to build auto repair and auto parts integration of the industrial Internet the ultimate solution mode; With an open mind, huasheng will seek like-minded business partners, integrate resources and jointly shape a new business civilization in the automobile after-market service industry.
The CEO of beixin da-hong group and the chairman of southwest international automobile city made a keynote speech on "creating an innovative after-market service platform for automobiles" to yongsheng at the meeting. General xiang pointed out that the automobile industry is an important strategic and pillar industry in China's national economy and a key area for steady growth and expanding consumption. As the automobile manufacturing industry enters the era of low profit, more profit opportunities will be created in the field of automobile trade and service, i.e. the post-automobile market. In the coming period, China's automobile aftermarket will have great space and potential for development. It will certainly be the best period for the development of China's automobile aftermarket, with the fastest growth of innovation ability and the best development environment. At the same time, it is also a significant opportunity for the operation mode of China's automotive aftermarket to achieve transformation and upgrading. To always think that the rapid development of automobile industry, the state of automobile sales policy adjustment, the market competition is inevitable, the Internet and the use of big data, green environmental protection consciousness enhancement, and the development of the city all sorts of factors, such as car after market service diversification, intensive, specialization, branding, chaining, wisdom, greening, internationalization direction development; It is an important goal and direction of improving quality and efficiency, and enhancing the systematic and coordinated development of the transformation and upgrading of the automotive aftermarket. The national automobile aftermarket should have the courage to reform and make continuous innovation, so as to realize the high-quality and sustainable development of China's automobile aftermarket and make continuous progress towards the high-end value of the industrial chain.
Peng composition, secretary general of big data application branch of China software association and President of zhongke click technology co., ltd. made a keynote speech on "data enabled automobile industry and application driven industry upgrading" at the meeting. General manager peng pointed out that big data drives the upgrading of automobile industry chain, and big data will become the digital decision-making engine for local departments to develop automobile industry. Relying on the big data capability platform of automobile, the operating system of local automobile industry will be constructed to assist the benign operation of regional automobile industry. Learn from the mode of uyi big data innovation base, establish the big data base of automobile in the national automobile industry cities, and build the big data ecology of automobile; Based on the data analysis of the auto industry promotion platform and the auto enterprise enabling platform, the regional auto industry indexes are regularly released to feel the pulse of the development of the regional auto industry. Relying on data analysis ability of automobile industry, we provide various professional analysis reports and white papers for local governments, assist industry management and operation, gather a group of automobile industry experts, and provide consultation and planning for local governments. General manager peng believes that big data can enable the reform of automobile enterprises, and can provide datamation support of market intelligence, marketing, business and management for automobile industry chain enterprises, focus on the analysis of investment attraction of target industry chain, precisely explore high-quality enterprises in the industry chain, and seamlessly connect key decision-makers of target enterprises.
At the summit of China automobile service industry conference, the organizer arranged a unique summit dialogue -- leader's wisdom -- the stage of transformation and upgrading. Is it innovation and disruption or steady and steady? Dialogue by fasc vice general secretary, state chairman Zhang Yun chi culture, Chinese automobile circulation association chamber of commerce President Su Hui tangible market, car cabin hai-tao jiang, spring rain Chen Geng automobile group chairman, chairman shall apply the big group chairman JuCuiGong, said han road car technology chairman li yongzhong, little wang, founder and so on six guests to participate in the dialogue, the two sides had a heated debate innovation subversion or slowly but surely, the two sides view and bright, has attracted the audience's resonance, played the strongest leaders summit. It is believed that only by making solid efforts in industry and making innovations on the basis of steady and steady progress and combining with the actual situation, seek improvement in stability can achieve substantial development.
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